Our Team is comprised of a central leadership team, located in the US and Pakistan (bios below).

We could not do the work that we do today without our local representatives, or "anchor people," people like Saleema.

These local representatives are the ones who source clients who would most likely benefit from our services, ensure that they use their loan resources wisely, and pay them back on time.


Zulki Khan
Founder and President

Zulki Khan is the Founder and Chairman of HEWT. He is the Founder and CEO of NexLogic Technologies, Inc, a provider of PCB Design, Assembly, and Fabrication services. Zulki holds B.S.E.E from N.E.D University in Karachi and an MBA from University of Iowa and is a frequent author of contributed articles to EMS industry publications. He has written over 35 white papers and articles in the EMS arena which have been published in magazines and journals worldwide. He also holds 3 manufacturing related conditional patents. He is also involved in several different non-profits, such as TCF, HDF, and PACC.

Shujat Siddiqui
Vice Chairman

Shujat is the Vice Chairman of HEWT and handles all audit and accounting aspects of the organization, including managing investments, managing vendor audit teams and serving as an internal auditor. He holds a BA in Statistics and Mathematics and MA in Statistics from Karachi University. He is a fellow at the Institute of Actuaries, London. He has served at EOBI (Employees’ Old Age Benefits Institution) in several different capacities as well as other organizations in Pakistan, such as Akhtar & Hasan Limited, UNDP as well as in General Life Assurance Society, London, UK.

Syed Zahid Yezdan
Executive Director

Zahid Yezdan is Executive Director of HEWT and is responsible for running and maintaining the operations of the organization. He has served in EOBI (Employees’ Old Age Benefits Institution) in various capacities from Regional Head to Assistant Director of IT. Zahid has a keen interest in learning and understanding different facets humanity and enlightenment. He has taken numerous courses in Transcendental Meditation (TM), Vipasana Meditation and other forms of meditation in several countries. He regularly attends international meditation retreats, is a TM teacher and is a graduate of Science of Creative Intelligence Course.

Syed Haider Abbas
Director of Finance

Syed Haider Abbas serves as the Director of Finance of HEWT, and is handles all financial aspects of the organization, including accounting, financial planning, analysis, and collecting and tracking loan repayments. He has served at EOBI (Employees’ Old Age Benefits Institution) in various finance related capacities as well as Assistant Director General of Finance.

Saad Khan
Director of Development

Saad Khan serves as the Director of Development for HEWT, and manages all aspects of fundraising and distribution of all loans to beneficiaries. He leads all fundraising efforts across North America and Pakistan. In addition to these duties, Saad continuously seeks out new regions and communities where HEWT can be active in various parts of Asia and Africa. Saad holds a BS in Business Finance from San Diego State University and seeks to obtain his MBA in the coming years.

Aamna Khan
Director of Operations

Aamna Khan serves as the Director of Operations for HEWT, and manages the creation and optimization of all operations-related processes for the organization, including creating and monitoring success metrics, optimizing funds distribution, and creating and optimizing all new programs. She also manages the website and all social media accounts. Aamna holds a BA in Media Studies and Information from UC Berkeley, and is in the process of obtaining her MBA from UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business.