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Our Loans are Interest-Free

HEWT is one of the only institutions that provides loans that are completely interest-free.

Through our system, beneficiaries only pay back the original amount they borrowed. This ensures that this is a no-lose opportunity for those who are in need.

Rukhsana Bibi's Success Story

My name is Rukhsana Bibi, I live in Charun Oveer village in district Chitral, Pakistan. For some years, I have been contributing to the financial needs of my family. My husband is a daily-waged based laborer and his income was not sufficient to meet my children's educational expenses, as well as household expenses, including the care of my aged father-in-law. My husband's inability to meet these expenses necessitated my personal involvement in the affairs. Therefore, with a single sewing machine in my possession, I started to earn money for my family. For the last 10 years, I multiplied my contribution to my family’s income with just that sewing machine.
Now, thanks to the loan provided to me by HEWT, I am now in a position where I can  call my self an entrepreneur. With HEWT's help, I more than tripled my income. Now I own three sewing machines, a Zigzag machine a couple of sample cloths, with which I offer three-month sewing courses to young girls. This has considerably contributed to my income as well.
In September 2014, I heard about HEWT from a relative of mine, and applied for a loan. To my surprise, unlike other institutions and banks in our area, the loan amount Rs.24000 from HEWT reached me within the month. The interest free loan by HEWT helped me a lot in establishing my business within just four months. With the loan, I was able to purchase sewable cloths, sewed many dresses and displayed them in my house.
The villagers came to see my house and clothes, and were stunned with my progress. Within two months, I had sold all the clothes I originally sewed, and I earned Rs. 50,000 from the sales! Doubling the invested amount within two months was a dream come true for me, and having 50,000 rupees in my possession was also nothing short of a miracle for a poor family like ours. In a family like ours, having 4,000 to 5,000 rupees on hand at any given time was what was expected, but have 50,000 in hand was an incredible achievement!
My husband, relatives, and father-in-law were were thrilled with all the success and they all encouraged me to expand the business in the future.
​Having 50,000 rupees in hand, I discussed with my husband the idea of purchasing two more sewing machines and a zigzag machine, and to start a training center in a room of my home. The idea of starting my own training center was given to me by a HEWT representative.

Soon after the arrival of the machines and my announcement of training center in the village, young girls came in flocks to get admission. I began offering three-month sewing courses at a price of Rs.3000 per participant. I am expecting some Rs.63,000 in student fees within just these next two months. The sale of sewn and unsown cloths is also in its full swing.
The credit of all my success goes to the financial support of HEWT and the encouragement of my husband and relatives.
As per the policy of HEWT, I have to pay the loan amount within a year, by re-paying 2,000 each months without any interest. This is indeed a very generous offer from any financial institution. In our area, banks and institutions charge on average 16 to 24 percent interest rates. In such a situation, HEWT is a blessing to poor people like myself.
Furthermore, HEWT's representatives were personally committed to my success. It is due to their suggestions, recommendations, and business training, that I was able to open a successful training center. I have more plans in my mind, and the constant assistance and guidance from HEWT is indeed my strength.
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